Sabato 18 - 5:00

Alexandra Stréliski


genere: musiche originali, neoclassical

In collaborazione con Amadeus.


Segnaliamo al pubblico che il concerto di Alexandra Stréliski cambia location: si terrà alla stessa ora presso Palazzina Liberty, in Largo Marinai d’Italia 1, l’orario rimane invariato.


 The word “inscape” refers to the singularity in each human being but also means “inner- landscapes” or “escaping within”. «For me, creating INSCAPE on stage was about taking people on the journey I traveled during the years that I created the album» explains Alexandra Stréliski.

Overall, the live experience of INSCAPE is meant to be intimate, poetic, and visual. It is also a desire to share some of the vulnerable states, in order to appeal to the fragility that we share as human beings and thus, be less alone.


Palazzina Liberty

Largo Marinai d'Italia 1

Quartiere: Magenta

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