Domenica 27 | 19:00
Kai Schumacher


genere: musiche originali, elettronica


Suonerà le sue composizioni tratte dall’album "Rausch", suonato in forma analogica manipolando la meccanica del pianoforte per creare suoni "strani", allontanandosi dal canone e dalle convenzioni.


I posti prenotati sono da intendersi come “posto non numerato”. Il pubblico sarà invitato a sedersi a terra, o sul prato, ove possibile, prendendo posto dove indicato dalle bandierine o bollini segnaletici e seguendo le indicazioni dello staff e dei volontari di Piano City Milano.

Kai Schumacher
There aren't many classical musicians who would recommend a Berlin electro-punk album from 1993 on their Facebook page or honor the 25th anniversary of Grunge mastermind Kurt Cobain’s death with a link to his famous song "Lithium". Whether Atari Teenage Riot or Nirvana: Pianist KAI SCHUMACHER moves through the diverse fields of popular music in a stylistically confident and knowledgeable way. The Duisburg native himself first underwent a typical training in the classical music business. After having attended the municipal music school, he went to Folkwang University in Essen and in 2009, KAI SCHUMACHER completed Prof. Till Engel's master class with honors. Ten years ago, after his graduation, he recorded "The People United Will Never Be Defeated" by Frederic Rzewski as his first album. A clear statement of the "Bad Boy of Music" (Klassik Critix), who has been experimenting like a crazy musical scientist since then, combining seemingly irreconcilable elements - with surprising results. His solo performances are pure alchemy, both musically and stylistically, offering an intoxicating mixture of Dadaism and dancefloor, avant-garde and pop culture - And sometimes, the "punk pianist" (BR) even mixes everything at once. On "Rausch", his current album, he now focuses on his own compositions. KAI SCHUMACHER refrains from using overdubs – indeed, no electronic elements are used at all. Instead, he prepared his instrument in analog form and manipulated the piano's mechanics to create "weird" sounds. "Therefore ‚Rausch‘ is a snapshot that you don't necessarily associate with piano music", says KAI SCHUMACHER. A determined attitude in modern classical music; a commitment to music on the threshold to the new twenties: "Like a thousand small, untiring bees,  Rausch  shimmers in the ear" (BR Klassik). KAI SCHUMACHER does his own thing and thus turns away from canon and convention.


Triennale Milano, giardino

Viale Emilio Alemagna 6

Attenzione! L'ingresso al concerto è subordinato al rispetto delle normative per l'emergenza sanitaria in atto: l’utilizzo di DPI (mascherine) conformi alla normativa, il rispetto della distanza di sicurezza interpersonale di almeno un metro e l'uso di igenizzante per le mani.

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