Sabato 21 | 19:30
Amine Mesnaoui

Sabato 21 | 19:30

Amine Mesnaoui

"Moroccan Songs"

genere: world music


Amine Mesnaoui presents a Piano solo program especially thought for Piano City Milano, a repertoire of “Moroccan songs”: old songs from the Arobo-Andalusian tradition going back to the 14th and 15th century, well-known songs from the beginning of the 20th century and the Radio era, as well as some songs by more modern Moroccan composers.

Amine Mesnaoui
Amine Mesnaoui is a Moroccan Piano player and composer living in Berlin. His music brings together Moroccan and African traditions, as well as aspects of early and baroque music, and electronic music composition techniques to create a universal sound. Often simple in his complexity and deep in his sounds, he never stops breaking stereotypes to explore new territories in music. His debut Album « African Prayers » has been released on revered London Label Lo Recordings to critical acclaim, and remains in this creative line : it offers a new vision on the ritual of the Gnaoua masters of Morocco.


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Viale Molise 62

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