Domenica 22 | 18:00

Domenica 22 | 18:00


In collaborazione con WeWorld Festival e BASE Milano.

Marynka .
In the last years she composes for piano and performs her own music on stage. Marynka masters her own concept of Instant Music, when she ignites an intuitive connection with her listeners to create genuine music of here and now. Her music is non-linear. It evolves in multidimensional space with it’s own gravity, altering sense of Time and Space. She plays around the musical carcass, weaving musical threads around it ever differently. Marynka fills the music with admiration of the moment, so even Time can enjoy it’s own flow. Since she started to experiment with scales and timbres, Marynka was eager to learn about music of other musical cultures. Marynka ‘s music bares features of modal improvisation, as it is understood in Indian classical music. Elaborating on various emotional states or moods, she strips down the compositions to uncover simple (not simplistic) melodic lines. She performs them as improvisation to create minimal, transparent music. Like in meditation, the listeners immerse themselves into deep emotional state, and free their souls from the dictate of intellect. Marynka is inspired by Alexander Scriabin’s music and his musical mysticism. Her approach is also reminiscent of such composer as Satie, Debussy, but also George Gurdjieff/Hartman. Marynka believes in healing power of music and is eager to share it with her audiences. Her lie-down meditational concerts became legendary in Amsterdam.


BASE Milano, Ground Hall

Via Bergognone 34

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